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Thema: [BEST OFFER] Your ad will be seen by more than 20 000 000 people around the world ...

Hello, I'm Dominic Morgan. I offer high quality mailing service, distribution of your advertising The ad goes immediately to two databases: 1. The base of sites with the form of feedback: 11 550 000 unique sites. GEO: USA - 25%, AU - 25%, UK - 10%, CA - 5%, Europe, Japan - 35%. 2. The base of email addresses of US residents is 80%, the UK is 10% and the CA is 10%. 13,000,000 e-mail addresses. 3. I also have 3,500,000 Russians sites with a feedback form and 15,000,000 people in Russia. I can make a bonus dispatch to the main order at your request. This base was collected from 6 social networks: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, G+ My service is suitable for promotion: - sites %

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